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Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Foods

  • Possible Ailment: If the sensitivity is only momentary, generally there is no larger problem. This sensitivity may be caused by minimal gum recession that has exposed the tooth root or possibly a loose filling.
  • Remedy: Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth and also use a soft-bristle toothbrush. Try brushing up and down as opposed to sideways, as this will wear down exposed tooth roots.

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Foods after Dental Work

  • Possible Ailment: Sometimes dental treatments inflame the pulp inside the tooth, and this may cause temporary sensitivity.
  • Remedy: The sensitivity should go away on its own. If after four to six weeks it is still present, see your endodontist.

Pain When Biting Food

  • Possible Ailment: You may have tooth decay, a loose filling or a cracked tooth. You may also have damage to the pulp tissue inside your tooth.
  • Remedy: Schedule an appointment with a dentist. If you do have a cracked tooth, your dentist will probably refer you to an endodontist. A root canal will probably be the solution in order to relieve the pain.

Lingering Pain after Eating Hot or Cold Foods

  • Possible Ailment: The pulp inside your tooth has been damaged by tooth decay or trauma.
  • Remedy: An endodontist will likely perform a root canal to save your tooth and relieve the pain.

Constant Pain and Pressure, Swelling of Gums and Sensitivity to Touch

  • Possible Ailment: Your tooth may have become abscessed, meaning there is puss in the tissue of the jawbone at the end of the infected tooth.
  • Remedy: Schedule an appointment with an endodontist. In the meantime, you may take over-the-counter medications to alleviate the pain.

Ache and Pressure in Upper Teeth and Jaw

  • Possible Ailment: This pain can be caused by a sinus headache or bruxism (teeth grinding).
  • Remedy: If you have a sinus headache, take over-the-counter medications, including sinus medication. If you have bruxism, schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Chronic Pain in Head, Neck or Ear

  • Possible Ailment: This could be caused by an infected tooth or other dental or medical problems.
  • Remedy: Schedule an appointment with your dentist or endodontist.

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